NY Rangers vs. Colorado, 03/11/2020 22:00 EDT, Score: 2 - 3

Money Line: -169 Colorado

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

This is an 8* on COLORADO

Colorado just got dealt its third loss in the last four games. Prior to that, the Avalanche had won eight in a row. But after playing the last three games on the road, they go back home tonight to face a Rangers team that was just in action last night. That’s kind of a sensitive subject for us as we had their opponents. But credit New York for winning on the road 4-2. But NY had won only one time in the five games before that and has had an issue with giving up goals lately. They also are missing Chris Krieder, whose absence from ice seemed to begin the current downturn. Colorado hopes the same thing doesn’t happen with Nathan MacKinnon’s injury, though that is a more short-term deal. There are others in the Avs locker room nursing injuries, but this is a much better team than the Rangers and being back home is just what they need right now. The Avalanche have won two-thirds of their non-conference games this year. Play on COLORADO


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